Chakra - Ajna - Third Eye - 3059

Chakra - Ajna - Third Eye - 3059
Exclusive design by atoda. Sterling Silver .925

Approximately 3.0 cm top to bottom including bale.

Shown here on a Lapis Lazuli stone necklace. (Available separately.)

Ajna is located in the center of the forehead above the eyes, between the brows.  It is the seat of spiritual consciousness.  It’s color is indigo and it governs intuition, thought, inner and outer sight, visions, dreams and physic abilities.  This Chakra is the focal point of attention during meditation. 

Wearing this Chakra or placing it on the Third-Eye area opens the doorway to the Soul.

Chakra du troisième œil. Centre du front. Siège de la conscience spirituel.

Pendant Ajna, Third Eye Chakra

Light, vision, wisdom, intelligence. Lower brain, central nervous System, pituitary, eyes, nose. Lapis Lazuli, opal.

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