Chakra - Anahata, Heart - 3057

Chakra - Anahata, Heart - 3057

Exclusive, design by atoda, sterling silver .925.

Shown here on a Malachite stone necklace. (Available separately.)

This Chakra is located in the center of  the chest and it’s color is green.  It governs love, compassion, lungs, breath and the area of relationships in life.

Wearing this Chakra or placing it in the center of the chest opens the doorway to Unconditional Love, centers and balances the energy of the three higher and three lower chakras.

Chakra du coeur. Centre de la poitrine. Amour, compassion, relations, poumons et souffle.

Pendant Anahata, Heart Chakra
Air, giving and receiving love, energy exchange, circulation. Heart, lungs, circulation, thymus.

Jade, emerald.

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