Chakra - Svadhistana, Sacral - 3055

Chakra - Svadhistana, Sacral - 3055


Exclusive design by atoda, sterling silver .925.

Approximately 3.0 cm top to bottom including bale.

Shown here on a Carnelian Stone necklace. (Available separately.)
Pendant Svadhistana, Sacral Chakra
Water, creativity, sex, relation, Passion.

Reproductive organs, Kidneys, lower stomach, spleen.

Wearing this Chakra or placing it just below the navel takes care of our more complex needs and regulates the balance between our male and female energies.

Chakra du sacrum. Organes reproducteurs, sexe. Relative et passion. Reins, et l'estomac inférieur.

Orange agate, carnelian.

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