Bracelet - Amethyst Adult - A - 8mm - 4750

Bracelet - Amethyst Adult - A - 8mm - 4750

This is our base level quality amethyst, and still very, nice. Way better than you’d find elsewhere at this price. Just put this bracelet next to another bracelet from another supplier, put them up to the light and compare. Ours will be cleaner and with a richer, natural colour.

This quality bracelet is a bit smaller than 16cm. But we have made a few in 17cm so if you want the larger size, please specify.

We do also have higher levels of quality, all the way to gemstone quality, but this bracelet, at this quality and price is a bargain.

Also we have this in child size, 13cm. Note that this is 8mm sized beads since we also have 6mm size both in adult and child size.



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AFT: 17176

CAD $16.50